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    Thanks for all the help. Another good chunk of money spent today in Utah. I thought there was a "bonus point" for elk as well, but a quick phone call to the DOW clarified that quickly to complete the application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsd16 View Post
    The only elk and pronghorn points available to buy were "bonus" points. Are all the elk and ph limited/premium hunts? I looked at the draw odds for deer and saw that there are quite a few units you can draw with few points which I'm excited about. Looks like a decent chance to get to know an area and try to work up some good deer hunts.

    What should I anticipate for my elk and pronghorn points? How long to draw for a decent hunt? The elk odds look to be all over the place. I know that's a horrible question but trying to get a sense if the elk is like a 5-7 year thing or like 20. I'm not looking for a trophy elk hunt but would hold out for a unit with something decent (maybe 250"s).
    For elk you will have a long wait, probably 15-20 years before you have a reasonable chance to get a tag. But, you may get one in your first year! If you put in for the Wasatch Mtns Avintaquin deer hunt you can learn the area and maybe one day hunt elk in the same unit. As far as pronghorn it will be a little sooner to get a tag, maybe only 5-10 years. If you want to hunt deer, elk and pronghorn I would suggest you buy points for Wyoming as well. No need to buy a license and points are $50, 40, and $30 for elk, deer and pronghorn.

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    Preference points only apply to general deer. That means those with the most points will draw before someone with lower points. The bonus points are for pronghorn, elk, deer, bison, moose, mountain goat, rocky mountain bighorn, and desert bighorn. Only 2 days left guys!



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