Hello fellow hunting brethren. My name is Curtis, nickname is Knappy. I am from Northern California, near Beale AFB. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan so I'm filling my time with reading hunting books and articles online. I'll miss spring turkey season this year (Dang it!!) but I'll be back in time for fall hunting. I mostly hunt deer and turkey but I have found a new passion... Elk hunting!!

I went on my first elk hunt last year. An archery, DIY, OTC tag, backpack hunt in Idaho and what do you know... I got lucky and scored on a small 5x6 bull. That was the most amazing hunt I've been on and I can't wait to go again.

I am really wanting to get a wild pig too. I plan on trying to fill my freezer with one when I get back to the states.

My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Mike and Guy at the Sacramento International Sportsman's Expo. That was really cool meeting someone "famous" that you see on TV and the magazines. I'm excited to read through these pages and learn as much as I can from all you seasoned vets.