It was November 1st, 2013, the final Friday of the General Deer season in D3-5. I arrived on time as planned, and was planning on meeting my buddy Roger at the parking spot to finalize our PLAN for the morning. It was plenty dark, I could see any sign of light for a great distance, but it just so happened that the vehicular activity on this morning was null to say the least and my hope of meeting Roger was quickly dwindling as I was readying my gear. To Roger's credit, the night before was Halloween and we had a block party in my neighborhood to which he and his lovely fiancée attended, there were plenty of libations and for some reason we decided to form our plan for the morning hunt in the wee hours of that all hallows evening. Hey, at least we tried. My only regret as I pulled my mountain bike out of the bed of my pickup was that I decided to leave my quartering bags behind, thinking I would have a companion to help pack out a deer if it were to come to that. My only regret, but I decided to push on regardless and set my mind frame on the morning being a solo hunt.
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