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Thread: Area 45 Type 6

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    Area 45 Type 6

    After looking through the new dates and quotas a few days ago, I noticed a new license added to Area 45; a type 6. I've always wondered why 45 never had a reduced price cow hunt. So, now that it does, it has my attention. It is a long season (August 15 - November 30) but the catch is it's only valid within one mile of irrigated land. How tough do you think it would be to knock one down with this new license?
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    I was about to say you can't read and then I saw that you mentioned dates and quotas, so I went into the public meetings area and sure enough they have 100 tags for that draw. However, if you go into the application booklet for residents and nonresidents it is not showing as an option in there. Therefore, unless it was available when you went into the application section as a NR in January it looks like it has just been added since then and will be available only for the resident draw or as leftovers if you guys don't take them all in the draw. I've only seen that happen one other time a couple years ago when they added a type 2 tag in one of the antelope units down south. Seeing as how you live near the unit and can do some scouting I would think that you could find some irrigated fields they are coming into early in that season before other seasons get going and either set up in a bedding area in the BLM they might be using or see if you can get access on the private land. As a resident I would think you'd have a good chance at taking a cow using either method. Good luck and I'd sure get a tag as cheap as they are for a resident and as close as you are to the huntable area.
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