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    Make the most out of your Scouting Trip

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    In reading many posts on here about hunting out west, I have heard a good portion of the hunters say they can't pull off a scouting trip for one reason or another. I have limited vacation time myself so taking a fall hunting trip uses half of my vacation. In the past I felt guilty for wanting to use the other available vacation time for a scouting trip- until I got my whole family involved. For those of you that are in this situation, consider bringing the whole family out for a "vacation" that can double as a scouting trip. Now when I ask my kids where they want to go on summer vacation, they don't even hesitate- It's always the mountains in Wyoming. I'm posting just a few pics of our summer vacation/scouting trips. Anyone else have any good vacation/scouting ideas feel free to take this post anywhere fun...

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    My son was so excited to stalk in close to these moose! We were very well hidden up until the time of the picture. I had him slip out of the shadows and into the sun for the picture. There were three bulls here but I could only get two in the photo. He also loved the fishing- This is his first trout. It was right at three pounds on my not so accurate scale. We caught 30-40 fish that afternoon.

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    Very good idea. For me it's a tough thing to talk my daughter and wife into a scouting/vacation trip to the mountains vs laying on a beach at some ocean. They both love to hunt too but when it's vaca time I don't think they would go for it.

    Myself I have taken vaca time to scout, it sure makes a difference when you can have time to scout. If I could talk my fam into going even better if you ask me!
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    Nice pics, I'm a little lucky that I can be up up in those mountains in thirty minutes. The scenery is amazing and my kids love going up there as well.

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    Great advice Hilltop.

    I am flying out twice to scout for my CO/WY hunts, both of which are on new ground to me.
    I'm investing too much cash to not make the absolute most of it.
    I'm doubling up with visits to my daughter and an old friend but they know we will be spending our time together scouting.
    Honestly thats the best possible time together anyways.

    The trade off for additional travel: I'll be waiting a couple of years for a new toy or a new gun, but those are not really necessary.
    Even with all our internet capability and satellite imagery there is no substitute for boots on the ground and binoculars on the ridge.

    Make it count folks!!!!
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    I agree totally it's great to get the family out camping. I can get up early, do some scouting and be back by the time they wake up to make breakfast!
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