Went out scouting more areas yesterday. Seems like the floods have cut off access to the areas I thought might be best. I have found a couple other areas that I'm going to take a look at this weekend. The thing I'm becoming concerned with is I have really found any sign of turkeys. I "think" I may have found some droppings but not a lot. I'm beginning to think that I might not be at the right elevation. I know the birds probably haven't startting moving to highh yet but as for the hunt what elevations should I be conncentrating on? So far I've mainly scouted between 6200-6800, but I've read that they tend to roam a little higher 7 to 9000 feet. Is that correct? Should I try to get higher up? Also I've heard that around Heil Ranch can be good, anyone have any experience in that area?