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    Ok, I have a few minutes where I can answer a bit more in depth.

    Let's start with Kuiu:
    Kuiu makes good merino base layers, and their outer layers are top notch. They fit me well as a tall guy and I have beat the snot our of my pants and jackets with absolutely not failure. The Super Down jacket my friend and I used in a review during my freelance days performed very well and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a treated down layer. The one knock on them has been meeting their demand in a timely fashion, however, I have gotten everything I ordered quickly.

    My experience with Sitka has been limited, but I have used their Kelvin Down Hoody all winter and a couple of their base layers. The Down Hoody is my go to choice in cold weather and I fully expect that I will use it in the late season hunts all of the time. One of my hunting partners swears by his Sitka clothing, and it has served him very well, even in some rough conditions last year.

    I have used the Koldo Rain Gear, and last season it functioned as my soft shell to break the wind. It worked very well and I was pleased with the venting. I haven't used the Koldo pants yet, but I will in the coming bear season I'm sure. Their Alaios pants did very well in the warm weather, but I would have preferred the Dalibor as they are thicker for the cold deer season that we had.

    I have used the Kratos Minus and Kratos extensively and it is a great early to mid season insulation piece. I haven't used their merino much, but should be able to here soon.

    I will comment more on First Lite asap. I have to finish up E-News, then I should be able to respond.

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    cabelas mt50. take to a seamstress and put in pitzips. It is made with the extreme wet weather gortex and just works as good as any gortexshell out there. hood is part of the jacket.



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