First post as a newbie on the Eastman Forum. Two buddies and I are planning a DIY public land hunt in the SW region of CO during the Elk archery season. Interested in any input from experienced hunters from that region.

Specifically, we'll be looking to narrow down to two, no more than three, units in the San Juan Mountains/Wilderness area near the Durango/Pagosa Spring (sp?).

Gear and equipment not an issue. Have read on some forums and in articles about dry bags to help prevent meat from spoiling etc... Would like to know what types/brands that folks have used that also keeps pack from gaining too much weight as we intend to pack in.

Hard work is not an issue for us. We hunted the Superstition Wilderness near Mesa, AZ this past Dec for Coues deer packing in for a 5 day hunt. Granted, terrain and elevation not the same, but my point is, we don't shy away from the rough stuff.

We'll have betw/5-7 days to hunt.

Thx in advance for any info you feel would be helpful to consider.