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    Colorado Elk unit 074

    Looks like plans are rapidly changing for my trip out to Wy / CO for rifle Elk.
    After Wyoming, which is my tag which I have been waiting on since they went to points, we are heading south.
    Every other year we hunt 1st season Colorado unit 23.
    Nothing fancy, hunting out of camp, NF with ok results.
    This year it is bull or cow rather than E-E (did I mention how my wife expects meat?).

    3 of 4 hunters are out now so I am looking for something a little different for the one remaining partner who is my backup (pack mule) in WY.

    No pack animals, so we will be hiking in each day from camp (maybe wall tent/maybe trailer).

    Looking at maybe 074 first season.
    With 2nd or 3rd choice 023 (tag E-M-011-01-r)
    No huge expectations. We would like to finish up with a decent hunt and a little less pressure than 5000 tags.

    Any thoughts
    Thanks in advance.
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    Generally 1st season elk are still pretty high. Camping at a trailhead and hiking in will be a bit of a challenge as you will have lots of company. 74 is in my home area and have hunted it and can give you some insight. PM me.
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    unit 74 is a good unit for archery & muzzle loading. I have had good success hunting 74 in those seasons. i have never hunted it during a rifle season though. i suspect it would be a little harder to hunt rifle because of the amount a timber and cover.

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    74 is a tough unit without horses particularly on the East side because the access points are limited. The area around the ski area can be productive but I would avoid the Hermosa access without pack animals.



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