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Thread: elk strategy

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockChucker30 View Post
    I would personally rather hunt more frequently with less chance of a trophy. I'll go OTC and bank points, but I'm kind of undecided if the points are worth it for an out of stater like me. I think I will increase my chances of getting a good bull more by really learning one unit than by hopping around on LE tags where I'm going in with little scouting.

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    You definitely increase your chances by learning an area. You can do both though... I would build points and get cow permits for the area you want to hunt. Hunt cow elk until you draw your permit and you will learn the area very well and keep your freezer full in the mean time. Take a look at area 11 in Wyoming. Doesn't take too many points to draw but the limited quota makes the hunting pressure fairly low. Many huge bulls come out of there every year...

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    I try to go on an out of state hunt every year. Last year was muley and pronghorn,wyoming. Year before was Colorado archery elk OTC with my grown kids. Before that was prongs with the kids in Wyoming. Before that Wyoming rifle elk and OTC elk in Colorado. I have the most fun when the kids can go but it's pretty hard for kids to get enough time off in todays work society and with their own family pressures. We have just as big a time getting leftover and OTC tags and it does make it easier to schedule hunts. This year I was fortunate to draw a general elk in Wyoming, second choice, and a cow tag. Am still trying to figure out if I should put in for a prong or just buy leftovers and hope the kids can come along for a long weekend. Decisions ,decisions! Anyways lots of options. Good luck to you in whatever you come up with.



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