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    Woodtick is right and we should demand and support legislation to defund the anti organizations. Thanks to Congress person Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming for her proposed bill. We should start letting our representatives know how we feel about this.

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    Keep in mind.....this would affect all special interest groups funding. I am all for them finding their own money, but that means organizations the support us that use federal money will also be on their own.

    I know crazy people will have no issue donating to their cause..... But will we the crazy hunters come together for our own causes with as much fury.
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    I hunt because......

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodtick View Post
    I think the biggest problem to all of this, is the ability of these special interest groups to sue the feds with tax payers dollars and then recoup the lawyer fee's via the Federal Government. In a nutshell there getting paid by the Federal Government to sue the Federal or State Government. If you think I'm joking look it up, they've been talking about abolishing this law in the House and Senate the last month, but the Lib's are having a royal panty throwing fit over it. We did a big study on it when I was an undergrad in the Natural Resources Dept @ USU, it was insane the amount of money that was being forked out to these special interest groups by us to sue the Fed's.
    1/2 of why they (maybe all of it) sue is for the money they get out of it. Weather it is EAJ money or people they can sell their BS story too that donate money to their "cause" they are getting alot of money out of it. Personally I think they could give a damn less about wolves, elk, moose, spotted owles, or anything else effected by anything they are doing. They are just in it for the money and are very good at selling their story to a bunch of people that dont know anybetter.

    What I think needs to happen is things like wolves need to be decided by the people that are living in and trying to make a living in the areas effected by them and no one else. Why should someone back east thats never even been to Idaho have any say in whats happening in Frank Church?

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