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Retterath if you do end up scouting the area any info your willing to give up would be greatly appreciated! Obviously not expecting you to tell me exactly where you saw all the big guys but just general info on deer numbers and what caliber bucks you saw! And Tdcour we are not dead set on Harding county yet nor are we set on our dates just putting some feelers out to try and see what people have to say about the area and as far as dates we are thinking as early as possible but are still real flexible we can go pretty much whenever as of right now!
I've never had much luck where we usually go early in the season. We have the best luck just prior to the rut. I usually hunt the week before rifle season and that puts us in the rut or pre-rut stages. SD has their rifle season right in the middle of the rut, so if you don't get there before rifle season, the deer are scattered and most of the mature bucks are gone (shot or hiding). I don't think I'm going back this year, but we were going to try the last week of November to try and catch the deer prior to the rut.