I wanted to get a thread going to see the success rates of the back country guys here on the site. Obviously some have been at this game a lot longer than others, so their experience is going to affect their success. But this will give those first year guys a little bit of encouragement. Especially is they find it to be a little tougher than expected.

I hope everyone will be honest about their experience and their success rates. Anyone who has even done one backcountry hunt knows it is hard. So there is no need to beef the stats. I will start.

2 backcountry bow hunts- 50%
1st year, skunked with no shots. 4 days 3 night and I struggled through everyday.
2nd year, decent 3pt. No monster but I spotted him, put him to bed, put the stalk on and hammered him at 18
yds. Pretty cool