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Correct, neither of us have ever entered the draw in any state. This will be my first elk hunt, and after this one I plan on entering draws and building PP for a DIY hunt.

Roftopaulas is 15k and out of our price range. Can anyone tell me the price at Hill Ranch? I found on another forum that it starts and 12k and they charge a trophy fee. Not sure if this is correct.

Right now we are looking hard at Trinchera with Pat Lancaster. I will find out by the end of next week what dates are available. It could turn out that he only has the first hunt and last hunt available, can't remember the exact dates of those hunts. Is early and late season significantly less productive than late September early October?
Be careful how much you spend on your FIRST elk hunt. When it happens, it happens fast and sometimes you don't get more than 1 chance!