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Thread: Ruger Contact?

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    Ruger Contact?

    Hello All,
    I am looking to get a hold of someone at Ruger about the Kid's hunting camp that I do. I know I could just call them, but thought I would check to see if someone had a contact with Ruger as knowing a name is always better in my experience.

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    MT.MAN, about 10 years ago my buddy had a Ruger .22 mag rifle. I shot the rifle and it malfunctioned, may have been the gun or the ammo, don't know, but a very close call either way. He contacted Ruger and a few days later they called me. They were the best company in the world to deal with. In the end they sent us both new red label O/U shotguns! If I remember right the ladies name was JoAnn, not sure of her title, but I think she was someone important at Ruger, very polite and more than willing to help. Not sure if she's still there but thats who I would ask for.



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