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    Quote Originally Posted by Musket Man View Post
    CC your antelope is sticking its tongue out exactly like mine is, must me a 74/2012 thing!! lol I saw a couple hunters in early October. 1 truck drove by while I was stalking my goat. Luckily the antelope were in enough of a dip or the hunters were blind cuz they didnt see them but I thought they were gonna kill my goat or blow my stalk for a bit.
    I see the snow in your picture. A warden came into to came to check us on the last day we were there and told us there was a big storming coming the next afternoon. We left in the am before it started.
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    I dont remember the date but it was the first few days of Oct. Wasnt much of a storm. Went to sleep with stars out and wokeup to that snow,just enough to cover the ground cactus up so couldnt see them on the stalk, then warmed up and turned to mud in no time. Skinned my antelope ontop of my 4wheeler ramps to try to stay out of the mud.



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