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    Unit 521 Mule Deer Bowhunt

    My brother and I are preparing for an opening week bowhunt for muleys in 521 this fall. We each have 1 point. We've never hunted the west before and we will not have an opportunity to scout in advance. We have pinpointed a few areas we would like to try first by talking to people that have elk hunted the area and talking to a local biologist.

    We are hoping to have a hunt that gives us opportunities at mule deer bucks. We obviously would like to shoot big ones, but we would be happy to get into a decent population realistically.

    Are there any glaring red flags that make this sound like a bad idea? If anybody has an opinion of the mule deer herd in that area, can you give it to me? Are there any better options on a Colorado bowhunt with 1 point?


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    Shootist I've hunted this unit some in the past. Have some info for ya if you would like. Feel free to PM me. It's not a great mule deer unit but then again you're not havin to save/burn a bunch of points. All depends on what you're after and expecting.



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