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    I don't know how I've been missing this thread! It's a great one. Fun to see the faces behind the alias names and to learn about all you who have posted to this thread. I perhaps don't qualify as old member, based on number of posts, but I certainly do based on age. I think I've got you all beat so far.

    My real name is Mike Trevor and my wife of 50-years and 11-months is Judy. We live on the outskirts of Helena, Montana not far from the Missouri River and it's reservoirs. In fact we can ride out from our home on BLM land to the "brink" overlooking Hauser Reservoir as shown in the two pictures posted below.

    Hunting and fishing have been my passion since I was 6-years old or so. I'm finding it difficult to slow down, which my old body tells me me I must. Judy's passion is raising and riding our horses. She is retired from school teaching and I am retired from my administrative position responsible for Information Technology in Montana State Government.


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