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    Shoot; I'm not lucky, just old and experienced enough to see what goes on in other states. PP systems don't do a darn thing for someone who starts 10 years after the system is implemented. There will be hunts in WY ten years from now that will be unreachable for a person starting out. That's a fact played out in every PP state in the West.

    Unfortunately there are no perfect systems but from what my experience has been, a bonus point system coupled with a "tiered" wait period would be the best solution. Those that draw need to sit on the side and wait for others, BUT with so many hunt options available that guy still needs to be able to hunt, just not the identical hunt he already drew.

    It seems to me, with so much on the line, a system could be designed that addresses the failures of those systems currently in use. Unfortunately, Hicks doesn't have the vision to see that. If all Wyoming residents are concerned with is getting that tag for today's crop of hunters, go the Preference Point route. But, as I mentioned above, down the road there will be a new crew looking to change what you did to them.

    On the flip side, there are hunts that a point system can never fix as you're seeing with Sheep. If you give out 10 tags and 1,000 apply the first year, that max point pool will be dead before it's cleaned out. Nothing will fix it short of more tags or fewer applicants. Add to that, the perception hunters have that they're entitled to hunt every species in their state. Those types don't seem the grasp the reality that if everyone had that entitlement there wouldn't be any game to hunt.

    There is no easy answer and some time to look at and design other options is what's needed, not just throwing a PP system against the wall to see if it sticks.
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