I am from middle TN, West of Nashville. Grew up on a small Angus cattle farm and was taught to hunt and fish by my grandfather. Went to school at UT Knoxville, yes the Vols sucked at that time too, and moved back home a few years ago.

My wife and I just had our first child, little girl, and I look forward to raising her in the outdoors.

I got into Western hunting after my wife and I took a trip to Yellowstone while she was interning on the Shoshone Indian Res. I have since hunted WY for 4 years, SD turkeys and I am about to add KS and NE to my turkey hunting list. I have also started hunting public land almost exclusively here in TN, its just more of a challenge and makes it more of a hunt. I am also lucky to get to add MT to my deer hunting list this coming fall, it took some hard work but I have gotten a commitment from my granddad to go with me to MT...this might be my most memorable Western trip yet. He hasnt been out west since the early 80's when he got snowed in in CO while attempting a elk hunt. He also has a few WY antelope points, so I am hoping he will draw a unit near Cody in 2015 so we can take a trip to Yellowstone after the hunt.

Working on getting my wife to move to WY, I am in love with the state and I have never met a person there I couldnt get along with. Plus the fact that very few people live there and I am becoming more of a introvert the older I get or introverted when it comes to people who do not share my same passions.

Whitetail hunting here is loosing its appeal for me, when Im on the deer stand all I can think of is my next Western adventure.