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    Well, got them both their own bow. One wanted the camo one, just like dad has! The other one is more into Darth he ordered the black one so he would have the "Dark Side" bow lol funny kid sometimes.

    I love the bow, great bow for the money and more flexable at their age. The package is crap. I am NO fan of that sight, it moves everytime you bump it, or take on/off the quiver. The hostage rest is not impressive to me. I plan on switching out to the wisker biscuit rest and a different simple sight that stays put for them as soon as I can.

    It boggles my mind why bowtech would put that level of accessories in their product? Might as well just used pictures zip tied to it, and allowed the buyer to do their own deal vs a false sence of a package.

    Anyway.... Accessories aside...I think the bow is going to be great for them to grow with.

    Here are the two getting set up by Manny over at Idaho Archery
    And my youngest trying out that Darkside set up! Talk about good form in day One!!!! Must have a good coach or somethin ;D
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