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    Quote Originally Posted by huntwhenican View Post
    Oregon Hunting story
    About 15 years ago my son drew a Minam unit youth bear tag. We made the 8 hour trip arriving around 11 pm, set up a tent and got a short nights sleep, daylight comes early in May. We glassed several different spots seeing hundreds of deer and elk, but no bear to be found. Back down one river canyon, back up another 40 or so miles, now it seems like we are two ridges over. We glass several spots until dark, deer and elk, but no bears. Back down that river canyon and up the next, eating a late dinner and in the sack late.

    Up the next morning driving up the canyon road until we are stopped by snow drifts. We take a short walk and start seeing some bear sign. We hike further uphill until we are about 1/2 mile from the road and starting to get to the edge of the snow drifts, then we walk along a trail into the wind which was blowing up the canyon. We get to a fork in the trail and my son insists that we take the lower trail, we end up splitting up, but are only about 20 yards apart. After about 100 yards I spot the hind end of a bear walding up the next draw. I get my sons attention and "mouth" BEAR! He scrambles up the hill to where I am at and in the process he spooks a bull elk. The elk starts trotting up the same draw as the bear and I tell my son "there's a bear up ahead let's go". He says "no dad that is an elk" I say "there is a bear in front of the elk., GO NOW!" My plan being that we could cover the 100 yards to where I saw the bear and see if it went right, left or straight. We had jogged about 20 yards when we saw the bear running straight at us, 10 yards behind him was the bull elk.

    We skid to a stop and my son brings his rifle up, meanwhile the bear is running flat out and I can see his ears are flattened out. I look at my son, his rifle is wavering up a little then down a little, I tell him to shoot the bear...nothing. About the time I am ready to grab his rifle and shoot the bear, before we get run over, the elk sees us and slides to a stop 20 yards away. The bear now 10 yards from us slides sideways and grabs a tree his head is about 7 feet up. My son swings his rifle past, thinking the bear kept going. He then lifts his head from the scope and I repeat "shoot him". Now he spots him, but..."how many times have I told you you always have time to crank up the zoom, but you never have time to crank it down". All he can see is black, he sees a paw and swings back...BOOM, the bear bails off the tree and takes off down the hill. I tell him to shoot again, but he already has, the bear piles up in a heap. We sit down and watch the bear for a bit letting our heart rates come back down. We turn and look and the elk is still standing there 20 yards away.

    Turns out his first shot clipped the inside edge of the shoulder and came out on the lower front edge. The second shot clipped the top of the heart and came out the same exit hole as the first shot. Good shot on a running bear son . The elk hung out for about 30 more minutes cow calling and staying within about 40 yards of my son, while I hiked out to get the pack frames. I think he was saying thanks. Later my brother says "well you can't hunt bear with dogs anymore in Oregon, but they didn't say anything about using elk.
    Good story huntwhenican. Welcome to the forum!

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    Awesome story HWIC!

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    I have never bear hunted. I think it is because I would have a heart attack with excitement like that. That settle down time must have been quite a fun moment.



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