The second picture has so many places for a deer to hide it would take a day to glass them all from the cliff on the right/east side. The base of the cliff is a good spot to see bucks bedded also. Every little fold of that country could hold a buck, all they need is a little shadow and maybe an wind brake. They love to bed where they can see danger coming from the front and smell danger coming from behind, and a good exit in the event of danger. It can even be just a patch of grass that is taller/thicker than the surrounding grass. I would say water is important but big bucks don't mind walking a mile or more to drink.
Are You going to be the only ones on the ranch? If you are not going to have the ranch to yourself I would get my antelope first then concentrate on getting my deer. What do all the dots and lines mean? Im not familiar with the program. Cheers