Well guys its been a long six days. I finally made the commitment to have a overdue surgery that I have needed for a few years. Seems like hunting or work always seemed to take precedence and finally my doc, surgeon and wife convinced me to get on with it after the first of the year. Well even though it was painful but not life or death I am glad it is over. I went to work for a half day today for the first time in a week and felt pretty good when I got back to the house. I took myself off the pain meds a day and a half ago and that in itself made me feel better over all. I just couldn't deal with the way they made me feel. I can deal with the pain better than the effects the pain killers had on me.

Anyway hopefully in a few weeks I can start working out again preparing for this year (something I thought I would never say!!!). Surgeon has given me some restrictions on my routine but It doesn't matter as long as I can get back to some sense of my general routine. I am really looking forward to this years Elk season and glad that I wont have this hanging over my head. Anyway almost time to start putting in those permits for 2014!! Its hell getting older so you young guys take care of yourselves!! Mark