I took this story from Guy's Scoping it out of this annual Mule deer issue. What a shame!

The second story that tops my list is crazy in a sad way. In Denver I met a fellow vendor who was hunting mule deer solo in the backcountry of Utah last fall when he slipped and fell, resulting in a blown out, dislocated knee almost three miles beyond the trailhead. The hunter had no choice but to crawl the long and rough three miles back to his truck. After taking all day to crawl only a single mile, his hands and good knee bloodied and bruised, he heard something approaching in the distance. In a few minutes two heavily loaded backpacking hunters appeared coming up the trail. The injured hunter explained his situation and desperately asked for their help to get him to safety before darkness set in.

Much to his surprise, the two hunters declined his request for help, citing that the season was short and they needed to get back to where they were headed before dark. They needed to glass a distant basin, and besides, the injured hunter was too big for them to help. They proceeded to leave the injured hunter on the side of the trail. He crawled all night to finally make it to his truck almost 16 hours later. So much for the backcountry code of ethics! I agree this dude was big, really big, and he is still looking for you two, whoever you are.