Hello Everyone,

Yes I am new to this board and I have looked around at a lot of the posts and see some of the newbies get hammered sometimes, and rightfully so based off some of their initial questions. I'm not new to the forum etiquette as I am a member of several forums over here in my home state of Georgia. I've been researching the western states for several years now and have put together a plan to hunt various states/species starting this year and for many years to come. The research portion of every hunt is extremely enjoyable to me and I have just as much fun planning the hunt. I plan on kicking off my western adventure by going after antelope this year. I'll have 3 PP's going into this year and am planning on applying for Unit 74. It looks like it will take going into the Special Draw in order to have an almost guaranteed chance of drawing. Looks like the regular draw success will be around 40% with 3 PP's. I've been building points for my dad as well and he will have three points also. I may get creative and try to go after one of our tags in the regular draw just to see if we get lucky and if not maybe one of us will have a tag in the future and will get another year of enjoyment of hunting together.

Here are my questions on Unit 74:

What are the road systems like out there? I'll be ordering my Unit map the next week or so but with never being out there, I'm just curious how accessible the roads are throughout the unit? The unit looks to be fairly "secluded" compared to other units and that is part of the reason I like it. We do not mind putting boots on the ground and fully intend to do so, but just wanted to know what the roads were like.

Has as anyone ever camped in the Unit with a camper? We will likely be flying into Denver and driving up and I have a relative who has a camper we can use. Just curious if there are any decent camping spots located within the unit? Looks like the closest hotel is in Shoshoni so not too bad of a drive if we decide to stay there.

Thanks in advance guys and looking forward to contributing to the forum as much as I can.