insight please???? the deer have started dropping sheds and im ready to take my dog up in hills but this will be his first season actualy looking for fresh naturraly dropped sheds and im nervous that when we bump wintering deer, and im sure we will, that he will take off after them. he is a well trained dog but he is at that 8month old stage where he has become a tad rebeliant. his first encounter with grouped up wild animals i want to be able to nip any bad behavior in the ass right away, sure i can use a leash but ill need him out infront of me way further than any leash i care to cary around. petco has a shock collar for 59$ way cheaper than the 300 400 $ ones ive seen and i dont plan to use it that often. anyone use these cheap petco ones? i havent found a bad review on them yet but i figured some of you good ole boys and gals might know a little something.