I too am new to posting to the site, been surfing for a little while. I moved to CO just over 6 years ago from the east coast and came out here just for the hunting. Kids are grown and live on the east coast. I retire this year and will increase my time in the Mtns and in the rivers exponentially. I also do alot of flyfishing, I am in the right place for that too! Now that I have the CO season structure and pref point system figured out I am looking at WY. I have 1 deer point and 3 antelope points. Hope to draw antelope this year and maybee deer next year. In CO I cant hunt deer every year and it is killing me so maybee alternate CO and WY deer hunts. Gonna have to start putting in for elk points to I guess.

Ive read alot of good info and spirited banter here, hope I can contribute.