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    New Mexico 'Guided' definition

    In looking at the New Mexico hunting rules and info, you can apply in the guided pool, provided you have a signed contract with a guide, and spend at least two days in the field with said guide....

    So, with most guided or drop camp hunts lasting 5 or 6 days, and the season lasting slightly longer, What's to stop a guy from going down a week or so early to scout out the unit, and then if he just so happens to come across a bull, and kill him on the first day or two of the hunt, and then report for the drop camp, and enjoy a nice 5 day stay in a wall tent? Maybe help his partner kill a bull...

    Example: The second archery hunt opens up on a Thursday this year, ending the next Thursday. I'd think the drop camp would probably start on Saturday or Sunday, leaving a guy two days out front to hunt.. I'd show up about a week before the hunt, to check things out and spend time in the area.

    Illegal? Jerk move?
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    Not illegal. The guy that wrote that provision called me before he wrote it. There is no specific time period specified for those two days, for a reason.
    You may have a problem with law enforcement though. He may believe that your hunt is over when you tag out, thereby not spending time with the guide/outfitter over a two day period during your hunt. You could specify in the contract that your hunt is for a set time period regardless of whether you tag out, that would probably fix it. It's up to a judge for interpretation. Again, there is nothing in the statute that specifies when the two day period takes place nor a time period for that contact. That should be in the contract between you and the outfitter.



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