I bought that cabelas stove for my elk hunt I just came home from this last week. WOULD NOT GO AGAIN WITHOUT IT!!!!
Fantastic stove for the tent and so easy to set up.

Make sure to guy out the stove area vent by the ground to help hold the wall of the tent away from the stove.
I set up the pipe and pushed two sections together and placed them out from the inside. Then I put the top two sections together and added them from the outside.

To clean the pipes of all the suet from the wood, simply use a small jackpine and stuff the individual pipe sections over it several times before putting away.

I cut my fire wood for this stove in 12" sections to make it easier to load it. However I could see someone using full length pieces too if that worked for them.

It puts out a ton of heat for this area, and you need to make sure to properly dampen the pipe and stove door to prevent it from turning red hot. I used a small football shape opening on the door dampener, and put the pipe at a 45* angle on the pipe dampener handle. That seemed to work well for me once it was burning good.