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    I used the first pack of KUIU'S (6000) on a ten day backpack hunt for dall sheep in the NWT in 2011. I had a few problems as far as material thickness, fitment and the pack was on the small side for carrying ten days of gear. We were packing 60 lbs plus and then we added a boned out dall sheep on top of that by day 10. I talked to the guys at KUIU when I was done hunting for the season and told them my concerns, and they asked me to return the pack so they could see it. They checked it out and gave it the most used pack award and asked me to wait until they recieved in there 2012 Icon 7200. There service was so great that I was good with waiting. The new pack and suspension have worked great and Im sure they have improved them even more. I gutted my pack and carried an entire quartered out deer plus cape and horns in one load divided between the main compartment and the load sling. The pack felt good even with that much weight (cant say the same for my knees). I have also packed boned out elk and have had no durability issues with the carbon frame or material on the new pack.The pack also sucks down pretty small for day use and is very light. The only problem I have personally had is getting some creaking noise when I get alot of dust on the frame and webbing touching the frame. Other than that it has been the most comfortable pack I have ever had. A friend of mine is using the Kifaru T2 Timberline. It is also a great pack and would not be hesitant to go that way either. Kifaru builds some heavy duty packs without getting to heavy. Anyway I didnt mean to ramble on but have had the KUIU on my back for many miles.

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