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    lower altitude OTC units?

    Looking for an OTC elk zone where the elk don't have the advantage of climbing up to 12-13,000 feet. Are there any OTC units with good numbers of elk where the peaks are 11-10,000 feet? I've been out there twice now and even though I did't get altitude sickness, the climbing from 12 to 13 got the better of me. That and since I like using archery gear, I'd like to try to hunt those guys in the timber a bit more than trying to call and put the sneak on them out in the open or in the clouds during a thunder shower. Not sure, but it seemed like my lungs could handle the 10-11,000 altitude a bet better than the 12-13,000.

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    Plenty. Get a topo map of the state and compare it to the OTC GMU map. You can also look at the interactive atlas on the DOW website. The whole state gets lower in the western slope as you approach Utah. Chasing elk up in the nose-bleed section is not for everyone.



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