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    Quote Originally Posted by hardstalk View Post
    I was in a search for either a 7.3 box body style 4 door short bed or an 02 cummins 6 speed. Couldn't find a clean one to save my soul! Finally stumbled across a clean 02 6 speed at a dealership for all places. (Vegas doesn't cater to nice diesels too often) the guy just traded it in and they held it for a week while I rounded up the cash. I still keep an eye open for a four door 7.3 but am super happy with "redneck one" as we call it. Congrats on the find! I know how testing it can be!

    I tried for a solid year to talk the wife into a 7.3 excursion she was dead set on a gas tahoe. Suprise suprise she got her way..
    I almost bought 7.3 flat bed but I travel a bunch and wanted something I can secure my gear in. By the way nice platform!!

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    The minute I saw the new 1999 Power Stroke Super Duty in 1997 I had to have one. I ordered one in Dec 1997 and finally took delivery in May of 98, truck is a 1999. I bought a Lariat F350 super cab, short bed, SRW, 4x4, auto trans. I still have it (just got back from Yuma,Az towing my 29' Denali trailer from a regional cowboy shoot). Truck has almost 240,000 on it and has never had any work done on it, just normal maintance. Tranny has never been apart. Unbelievable truck and engine. Too bad Ford doesn't still make it, IMHO it is head and shoulders better than the new ones!

    You new ride looks awsome!
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    Its interesting that there is no 1998 model year F250/F350. Ford went from the 97 body style to the new 99 style. About 300K is when alot of little stuff you never thing about starts having problems. Steering column bearings, parking brake cables, idler pulley bearings on the fan belt, A/C pump, turn signal switch, window tracks, butteyfly valve coming out of the turbo that helps it warm up (mine is now wired open!), ect. I have had to do a bunch of that kinda stuff on mine since I hit 300K, but it has never had any major problems and uses maybe a quart of oil every 2000 miles and I think it leaks more then it burns.



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