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Thread: Colorado elk.

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    OK i will look at the statistics, i usually just get a over the counter archery tag but this year i want to get my first bull.

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    UH is 100% right. I got into the game late and finally used my points 6 points on a unit 49 tag 2 seasons ago. Trying to chase the "TROPHY" units in Colorado if you are just getting started is problematic. You will have a long 20 or maybe by then 30+ year wait. I have a unit I hunt that I draw every year as a second choice. I scouted and hunted the unit for the last 12 years and have gotten to know it pretty well. Drawing this unit as a second choice during 3rd season allows me to save up 2 points and then draw another unit I like to hunt either the first rifle or muzzle loader season.Another option is the route you have gone which is to do an OTC archery tag and save 2 points and then draw a first rifle or smoke pole tag every couple of years. Just keep hunting the same units, scout the hell out of them and success will come. The first 3 years I lived in Colorado my dad, brother and myself drew 3rd season cow and buck tags, this was good because we learned the unit and found out what the bulls were doing and the areas they were hanging out.
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    COLORADO- It depends on what you are looking for.

    I will speak for myself. I have 11 PP's. I hope to cash them in 2015. Once I cash them in, I accumulate no more than 3 PP's before I cash them in.

    Why? The high demand units are creeping at .8-.9 PP's per year. Looking at Umpaqua, you won't be in his shoes in 20 years. It will be 30-35 years. All of this could change if DOW changes the rules, but today this is the sandbox we play in.



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