I just got back from a short two day backpack trip in the Kootenays not far into the mountains near where I live. My hunting partner and I packed 4km into a road closure before finding a nice little camp site with a million dollar view of Kootenay lake. We saw two bears the first day, if either had given me the opportunity I would have shot. The first was a gorgeous reddish brown colour and a decent size, the second was a smaller bear but I'm not looking for a trophy so either would have legal if they had just stuck around. The second bear actually ambled through our camp before we noticed him 40-50m away from our tents. He was gone before I could get to my rifle. The next day(today) we had elk and mule deer wander through while we were packing up, we had 10 elk,4 mule deer, and a bear within 100m or less of our tents/camp. I think we may have stumbled upon a very productive little hotspot. I can't wait to hunt elk, deer, and bear from there this fall. I was glassing animals the whole time right from camp, make a cup of tea, grab the binoculars and find a nice cozy backrest. It was a blast.