My brother and I sent in as a group and weren't drawn. Why I don't know but we weren't drawn for the deer license. Rick wanted to do the hunt the next year but we decided not to try the application process again and be out another year of hunting. He hunts land for deer and antelope towards Cohagen. After this he gave us various dates that he would get the $ back to us and they always came and went. Then the bad checks came. Its not sour grapes towards him, but I am trying to explain the situation as it happened. If I was looking at a guide I would love to hear maybe negative experiences about the business, rather then all positive. Just my opinion. I don't know what was going on in his life, he didn't tell me. We also didn't draw antelope tags that year because they were cut back quite a bit. I have moved on, but thought it would be useful information for someone looking at guides and to let them know what they are getting into if for some reason things don't wotk out. He seemed like a nice guy and knowledgable about hunting.