Hello, I have subscribed to eastmans for 2 years now. Enjoy the magazine and finally got to hunt in Montana 2 years ago by Alzada on a private ranch. I shot a 8pt whitetail and my brother shot a nice muley. Being from Wisconsin, I have always wanted to hunt out west but always waited for people to commit or tried to find someone to go with. Done with that. The rancher in Montana said the deer numbers are down on his land and advised us to find a different spot. This was nice of him since he could have just taken our $ and said too bad. I would love to do a antelope/muley combo hunt in Wyoming. My question is should I contact a landowner off of Wyoming's deer/antelope list and pay a trespass fee for a ranch with both species. I am definitely going to start putting in for preference points in Wyoming. Or I would like to try the block management in South east Montana for deer only and try antelope another time. A good chance I will be going by myself this fall. I know the rut is the best time for muleys, but it is during our gun season for whitetails.