Hey there, I'm new to the forum and my father and I were looking to plan an out of state DIY elk hunt. We looked at many states and decided on Colorado. We have zero points so an OTC tag is what we are looking at. We are both seasoned hunters and are in excellent physical condition, but we have never hunted in Colorado nor have we hunted elk. We are not looking for a trophy. We want to hunt the unit that gives us the best opportunity to harvest an elk. We looked into many units specifically those in the White River National Forest and north western Colorado. We like the elk population, but hear it can be crowded with hunters. We will be hunting on public land without a guide or horses. We will be on foot. Also we would be hunting in the 2nd or 3rd rifle season depending on unit choice. What unit, in your opinion, has the best odds of tagging an elk considering we will be hunting public land on foot in the 2nd or 3rd rifle season? Also what season in that unit has the best opportunity and how should we hunt that unit? Any info will be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration.

Thank you, John Pulskamp