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    Considering a DIY hunt in WY unit-24

    I have enough elk points in Wyoming to have a chance at drawing unit-24 in 2014, if I cough up the fee for "special" tag. My chances are about 1 in 3, according to 2013 data. Any of you have any experience in the unit to support the optimistic forecast given by Eastman's recent MRS?

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    Until my recent relocation, 24 was in my neck of the woods and I've spent ample time in and around the Green Mtn. & Crooks Mtn. area. These elk are essentially the same herd/gene pool that resides in area 100. Actually, many of the elk in 24, come from 100 to summer in the cooler, high elevations. Most of this area is accessible for public hunting and there's no wilderness to deal with for a NR. I applied for the 24 bull tag for 12 consecutive years, without drawing once mind you, if that tells you anything of the quality bulls you can find there. In my opinion, the reason 100 gets so much more attention is that it's an antelope style hunt on elk.

    Shoot me a PM and I could discuss in more detail.



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