I'm looking for a place to go mule deer hunting(rifle) in mt or maybe wyoming more towards the eastern part of montana, i hunted north and south of mile city a few years back and it seemed like the numbers were way down maybe I'm wrong. i hunted most of block management but was tough to get on cause the ranchers would only let so many people on at once at it seemed most of the good areas i found i was booked up for most of the time i was there. wondering where my best bet would be to find respectable mule deer on public land but maybe was thinking a national forest would maybe my best bet to get away from hunters that only hunt a 1/4 mile off the roads. I'm will backpack in as far as i need to find deer. or maybe i need to just start applying for a unit that has respectable deer and good numbers and just wait for my time to come. Thanks for any suggestions,help or info.Happing hunting to everyone!!