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    Quote Originally Posted by adzeit View Post
    So Iam thinking about hunting unit 32 and applying for 32a. Any thoughts? Also what does the motorized vehicle deal? I think that means you can't 4x4 or atv off road? But are you still allowed to drive forest device roads or any road and hike in?
    The motorized deal means that you have to stay on maintained roads or roads capable of full size vehicle use.

    As for the units deer and elk season don't overlap there. Lots of the good bucks that come out of 32 during general season are from private ground, not saying that you couldn't find one during general season, but most of the unit is winter range for deer and elk. If you draw the late season tag for deer in the unit your odds increase a lot.
    32A is split up between desert(sagebrush) and timber. Most of the desert country is private ground, so that leaves you in the timber which is mostly forest service. There is a good chance you can pull a good buck or bull out of this unit during general season, but it would take a lot of scouting, also general deer and elk don't overlap.

    From the initial units you listed, for general season 43 would be a good choice. For draw tags, any of the units in the Owyhee's, 45, and 22 are good choices.


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    Hey man thanks for the info, I have a buddy in emitt who said he could get us some land to hunt. I figured I would spend 5 days deer hunting and 5 for elk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musket Man View Post
    I think it means they close some FS roads to all motor vehicles durring the hunting seasons.
    Other than the fact that some people feel they have a right to pull the gates down with their 4x4 or figure out how to get 4 wheeler behind gates.Wonder what happens when they get a flat tire?



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