I am looking for some advice on a unit to take my son next year. I have been upland bird hunting for years since moving to CO 6 years ago (moved to CO w/ a new bird dog) and my 12 yr. son just passed his hunters safety. He really wants to go deer hunting next year and I am excited to take him since I haven't deer hunted in 6 yrs. My passed deer hunting experience has been in the central Sierras in CA and the midwest so CO will be a new experience.

After hours of research the past few months, I have been reviewing the draw percentages, success rates, reviewing past Eastman's MRS info and public land access. Since this will be my first draw we have no points so I narrowed my search to these units:54, 481, 42 and 36/35.

The hunt will primarily be focusing on my son's success so I'm hoping we see allot of animals to drive his interest in the hunt with a fair chance at taking a good "first" buck.

Any advice would be appreciated as I continue my research and prepare to submit for the draw in the next few months.