Read an article the other day about MT FWP holding public comment meetings about possibly eliminating the mule deer b tags completely (except for the urban areas) for the 2014 and 15 seasons. They even are considering eliminating some whitetail b tags in the areas that have been hit hard by the EHD outbreak.

Though I don't believe that this is the only change needed to help the MT mule deer get back on their feet, it is at least IMO an attempt by the FWP to try and help. This also shows me that at least they realize that there IS in fact a problem with the mule deer populations and steps need to be taken to help them out. I still would love to see the deer seasons shortened like they have done in north central MT so that the deer are not hunted in the rut by unlimited amount of rifle hunters. Shortening the season wouldn't take away any opportunity, but would provide the mule deer (who we all know become A LOT easier to hunt in the rut) a chance at surviving a few years and actually allowing the genetics that MT has to show up in some mature bucks again.

I know that this will be a bit less opportunity but I really do believe that it would at least be a small step in the right direction, FINALLY.