Hey guys,
I've been mostly a lurker since finding this site, but seems like a good bunch here. A buddy and I are planning to do a 3rd season deer hunt in CO in 2014, and two of the units we're considering are 52/521. My question is whether the deer are typically mostly down off the public by 3rd? I realize this will vary with weather year to year, but on an average year would most of them be down?

We have 3 pp's and the only other CO hunt we've done was 62 3rd season for deer back in 2010, which we could draw again this year, but that hunt was super slim pickens as far as deer. Later we heard that the kill from the big winter a few years before was worse in 62 than previously thought. Plenty of lions and bears in there too. I get the impression from what I'm reading that 62 is not bouncing back very well.

Like so many people, we'd like to find a CO 3rd season deer hunt we could do every couple of years with decent quality potential, and begin to learn the area. I'd be willing to trade info on eastern Idaho or western Wyoming. Thanks