So, I'm sitting here, trying to avoid doing any real work, and was looking at possibly considering starting to build points in Wyoming for a future moose or sheep hunt. At 31 years old, and with 0 points, it would most likely be impossible to draw a high demand unit in my lifetime, but is it possible to draw a good 'green chip' unit by the time I'm 50? 55?

Currently, the top non resident point holders have 19 points for both moose and sheep. By my math, 15 years will have cleared out point holders 13-19 for sheep (60 tags per year, plus some attrition), and 12-19 for moose. It also looks like for the first 5-6 years of point building, roughly 500-600 people drop out.. Which would mean by the time I had 15 points, the top point holder would have about 27, and there would be roughly 7500 moose point holders in front of me, and about 6500 sheep applicants in front.

I'm pretty sure I just answered my question, knowing how many apps would still be in front of me.... But, I'm curious to hear the thoughts of some of you guys that have been in the points game for many years (looking at you, Umpqua, the statistical genius and preference point expert).. I don't want to just "apply, apply, apply" if there is really no chance to ever draw.. But, if I had a legitimate chance to draw the tag in 15-20 years, I'd consider it.

Is it possible? Is it worth it?