Well I don't do this often on this site but I need a little bit of help with Region G. I have 3 points for Wyoming and I am looking at burning them this year. I will start off hunting 143, 144, or 145. I hunt the high country early here in Colorado so this hunt will suit me. If I am not successful I will hunt unit 135 in October. I am not looking for a GPS cordinance, most of you know me a little bit by now. I have top notch back packing gear and am in great shape. I do a lot of back pack hunts here in Colorado. I will be doing this hunt as a back pack hunt and I am not afraid to get 4 or 5 miles into the high country. I am just looking for your opinion on the best of the 3 units out of 143-145. Any advice on trail heads to look at for scouting and general areas would be much appreciated. I was also wondering if these units have grizzly bears. Thanks in advance for the help. I am not looking at any sort of outfitting deal.