Over the past couple days while out breaking arrows, or as I like to refer to it, target practicing. I started wondering, how many arrows do I need to take with me when I go hunting? I know I will have the 5 that fit on the bow but how many more. I figure there is the off chance I will fall and break every arrow in my quiver so perhaps 5 more would be enough. Then I figured if I break 5 carbon arrows in a fall will I even be able to shoot the bow? If not then I figure two extra would probably suffice (I plan on using / losing 1 or 2 shooting grouse and squirrels and such). But I also figure if I did break 5 in a fall and the bow was ok I would need 5 more but I would want to sight it in and have enough to account for a mishap or two in the re sighting process so that would be the 5 plus about 2 or 3. Then I decided to just ask those of you who have been at it a while, how many arrow's / broadheads/ field points do you carry while hunting? What else do you carry extra of?