I'm not trying to promote this site and if this post is a violation of some forum rule feel free to delete it but I wanted to make sure you guys knew about this site. I found out about it from a fireman friend of mine. Its is a members only kind of thing but if you are Fire EMS, Law Enforcement, Military, some federal employees, outdoor guides, outdoor retail and about a thousand other companies and organizations you can join. Its free and fairly easy to sign up for. They offer discounts on a huge selection of outdoor products from participating companies. They always have some sort of discount but once in a while they even run sales, I picked up some G5 broadheads for about 60% off during a sale last week. I know they have Eberlestock, Bushnell, Zeiss, Leupold and a lot of clothing companies as well. I have no ties to them but I figured if you qualify and didn't already know about it it's out there. Availability isn't always great as it seems like they probably get over stock stuff but there are some really good deals and I have been happy with the 4 or 5 things I have ordered through them.