I got this in my email today...

After a month of testing we have realized that our Huntin' Fool Online Forum has the potential to be one of the top research tools on the internet for hunters. Therefore, we have decided to open it up to all current Huntin' Fool members, not just Premium members. As of December 20th, all current Huntin' Fool members will have full access to our Online Huntin' Fool Forum. We hope that this will be the best research tool we have ever offered our members. Our consultants will be manning the Forum to help answer your questions and offer their knowledge. Giving access to 100% of our membership will give you, the member, a much larger pool of hunters to receive and share information with.

As a business we are constantly trying new things; however, if we see that something isn't working, we are not going to continue to make that mistake. We will modify it for the benefit of our members. If you renew for a Standard Membership, but maybe later on you draw a tag and would like to call in to get some help from our consultants, you can upgrade your membership to Premium at ANY TIME. We never want to upset our members. If you have already renewed as a Premium member for the sole purpose of using the Online Forum, please call us and we will happily refund you the $100 to become a Standard member.

So, it looks like unless I upgrade my membership I can't call in for any advise from the consultants? Is that the way everyone reads this? Being able to call in and talk to the guy's has always been part of the membership. Without it your basically getting a $100 a year magazine with information you can get from other places. I do like the lay out and ease of use of the magazines come application time but I'm not sure it's worth $100? This might have been the last straw for me and the Huntin Fool. I probably will not be renewing after this latest stunt. Like most other trophy hunting, this will go the way of the wealthy. I've always had somewhat of an issue with there OVERLY trophy mentality anyway.