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    I shoot a lot of BP and subs (usually APP), as I shoot Cowboy Action and shoot BP in pistol, rifle and shotgun. One thing I have found in shooting BP in shotgun is that because of the really hot combustion, it melts plastic wads and coats the barrel with plastic. I only use fiber wads now. I noticed that same thing with Powerbelts. They have the green plastic cup and I got lots of green plastic residue in the barrel. Accuracy was not good after a couple of shots. Cleaning is harder than just cleaning the normal BP residue.

    I use nothing but Thors now.
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    I kinda wish I had killed my deer this year with a Hornady FPB just to see how it preformed. Sabots are legal here so I used a Knight red hot, which got the job done very well as they always have for me. I use 777 fffg powder because I think the finer powder burns a little hotter and cleaner. I did notice it does not burn as clean with musket caps as with 209's and I have to clean the barrel every shot with the musket caps to shoot a good group where I could clean every 3 shots with 209's. I have never used an all lead bullet because I have never hunted anywhere that I had to use them. I would get some different makes and weights of bullets and try them and see what your gun likes. ML's can be kinds picky about what they shoot well and what 1 likes another might not. I tried some 44 cal bullets one time that my friends Knight original disc shot well and my Knight disc extreme shot all over the place with them.

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